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Free Plagiarism Checker — Student’s Requisite Tool

What is the crudest mistake a college student can ever make when writing a paper? It isn’t about grammar or punctuation this time, and it isn’t about forgetting to type in one’s name either. The worst sin of the academic world—towards which there is zero tolerance in any school or university—is plagiarism. It can lead to the most gruesome of all possible consequences — you can be expelled. You don’t want this, right? How do you avoid it?

The Dangers of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a very broad term. Generally speaking, it is passing anyone else’s intellectual work—or its fragments—as your own. What is considered plagiarism in academic writing? Anything from straightforward copy-pasting of someone’s text to making a mistake when referencing a source. Sometimes, using too much of other authors’ thoughts in your essays is also a form of plagiarism. You really should be careful with it and always consult the course guides or your professor directly on such matters. And we have the best plagiarism checker of its kind to help you make sure your writing is original.

Beat Plagiarism: Get 5 or 100 FREE Checks a Month

Our company offers students a handy instrument, which would allow them to plagiarism-check any of their paper for free, regardless of whether they are our clients or not. At the moment, non-clients (those who haven’t made any paid orders) can run up to 5 papers each month through our plagiarism-detection system. It’s very simple and unique at the same time. Our online plagiarism checker compares your works not just with the sources available online, but also with our own database of papers.

What’s best, if you happen to have made at least one order from, we’ll grant you a possibility to check 100 papers per month with our software. And 100 is a lot, more than 3 pieces a day, absolutely free! You can use our service for essays, presentations, research papers, book reviews, theses, and all kinds of academic assignments.

How Else Can We Help You?

There are many other ways in which we can assist you academically. At, you can not only get your college paper checked for plagiarism for free, but have it proofread and edited (for a certain price). You can also order a sample custom paper that you can use further in your studies (for example, as a source of information, or as a model for structure and argumentation). So, if you’ve found yourself in a situation when the time is running out, while the assignments are piling up, don’t panic and get some rapid help.

There are a lot of companies like ours, and each one is different. If you are wondering what makes us stand out from the crowd, then see the following information.

  • We work with all paper formats and academic styles (APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago/Turabian).
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  • If, due to some reason, you are not fully satisfied with the final work, you are entitled to a free revision.

So now you have a bunch of reasons to get some academic assistance from us and—on the top of it—enjoy your 100 free monthly plagiarism checks.

Every student must remember that, along with a thorough revision, a test for plagiarism is a must. Double-check the way you cite sources and provide references at the end of the document. Perform a comparison with the available online materials on the same topic. Fortunately, there are powerful tools available at your disposal. An option No.1: visit to use our free plagiarism checker and make sure that every piece you are writing is unique.