Best Apps and Websites to Automate Editing of Your Essay

Any high school, college or university student eventually faces the well-known academic pitfall: the dreaded term paper. The majority of boys and girls consider this type of assignment a real kryptonite! But the reality is that these papers are a great way to polish one’s writing and research skills. These are highly crucial issues to have in any academic area, especially if you’re interested in your personal and career development.

If you’re like most busy college students, you have tons of strict demands on your precious time. Wouldn’t it be good to get out of this vicious circus and make the education process at least a bit easier?

Best Apps and Websites to Automate Editing of Your Essays

We’ve come up with top 6 useful software tools that one can use in order to speed up the writing process and make it easier to organize all the notes and sources. Check them out to see if they will work for you!

#1 Colwiz

Meet a great reference manager that will help you to deal with the research process on the term paper topic, as well as help you to sort out, cite and share the information sources you’ve found. Colwiz is at your service when you need to locate various relevant articles and work with the references and notes with the help of the cloud backup. What is especially good about Colwiz is that it enables the user to automatically edit the bibliography in your term paper with more than 6000 citation styles.

#2 Hemingway

This online instrument is accessed via internet browser and is used as a streamlined text editor. In other words, the user is not required to download Hemingway to make use of it. The tool is reliable and can easily grade you by the term paper readability. What is more, the app can guide the user on how to boost the paper sentences. It identifies the hard-to-read sentences, as well as pinpoints where the author used passive voice throughout the text. Moreover, Hemingway points out the paper sentences that are too long and include too many useless adverbs. If you would like to produce the term paper that is clear and readable not only for you but your college professor as well, Hemingway is there to help! It is important to mention that there’s the free version of the tool and the one for MC/PC (you’ll be required to pay a specific fee to use the latter). The app is available at

#3 Mendeley

The topic is the initial point in any term paper, regardless the academic level and discipline. Make sure to pick the one that you find especially compelling. Thus, the process of writing won’t be that hard, and you won’t find yourself in the middle of the boredom kingdom.

When you find the most interesting topic that you’d be happy to work on no matter how long it takes, you will be eager to conduct in-depth research as soon as possible. However, finding information resources is not a difficult task at all, while organizing them can turn into a disaster.

With the sites like, managing the whole scope of your research materials will be more comfortable and less challenging. Besides, the user is provided with an opportunity to use the app in order to read and make notes on the go.

#4 Qiqqa

If you’re on the lookout for a trustworthy online helper with the term paper writing, Qiqqa is your best friend from now. This reference and research manager is free, which means your budget will be safe with it. The tool enables the user to organize all the PDFs that he/she is going to use in the assignment. Besides, with the help of Qiqqa you can import the files into different libraries, use them and highlight the duplicate ones. The app also includes some quick details on  term papers, as well as connections between various issues. Plus, you can also work with Qiqqa, in order to share different notes, docs, and data with the chosen individuals.

#5 Citation Machine & Easybib

When it comes to the formatting style, you’ll have to use in the process of writing, you should choose one according to the course requirements. Usually, you will have to arm yourself with patience to craft and write all the citations. To ease the process, feel free to use particular online tools like the one available at The Citation Machine is a free website, where college and university students can produce solid citations in the most various formats like Chicago, APA, Turabian, MLA and so on. The other easy-to-use online helper is Easybib. The website is recommended for the students, who happen to have hard times with the bibliography creation.

#6 FocusWriter

Do you know what’s the biggest problem of yours when it comes to the term paper writing? Forget the lack of time or knowledge since it’s all about the distractions! If you’re dreaming about working on an academic assignment in a distraction-free environment, FocusWriter is a real Batman for your Gotham city. This tool helps the writer to block all possible distractions, especially when the deadline is near. FocusWriter is available for Linux, Windows and OS X. It is designed to help you focus on accomplishing the term paper of any complexity level strictly within the specified deadline. With is installed on your PC, you decide what apps should be hidden and how the paper text should appear on the page. What is more, you can use FocusWriter to monitor the progress of your work. Download the latest version of the product at

The tools mentioned above are just a small number of the apps and websites, where all possible writing, editing, formatting and citing solutions are provided either for free or for a token payment. Avoid spending your precious time on the tasks you’d prefer not doing at all!

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